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About Us

We are a mobile group of CRW dogs dedicated to passing on knowledge and good habits to anyone interested in CRW.  We are committed to providing the same guidance that was provided to each one of us as we were getting started.  The CRW community as a whole is very welcoming and generous but it is a small one.  Our mission is to encourage the growth of modern, safe CRW.  We do that by traveling to different drop zones, every other weekend, and showing people what CRW is all about.  We pull up with our trailer full of gear, set up "The Dog House" and bang out great jumps all weekend. While we do bring our entire arsenal of gear with us and are prepared to take up newbies in that informal setting, we recommend they participate in one of our Full Contact Canopy Courses. We offer one of these a few times a year at different locations.  Our camp schedule is listed in our CRW Camps page.

We do not profit off of CRWbies (people new to CRW).  There is a cost for our courses but that goes to the Drop Zone to help cover some of the cost of running the camp.  We also have paid for all of this loaner gear ourselves and we spare no expense.  Every canopy is jump ready with new risers, toggles, kill cones and pilot chutes.  We also have loaner knives, chest mount altimeters and plenty of other CRW essential parts and pieces.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  

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