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Learn CRW

New To CRW?

The Canopy Relative Work community is a fantastic group people who all share the same love and respect for CRW.  There are plenty of ways to learn and plenty of people to learn from as most CRW dogs (experienced) are willing to share their knowledge with any aspiring CRW dogs.  


CRW should only be performed on the proper gear.  CRW on canopies with trailing pilot chutes and micro-line is dangerous and stupid.  The Raw Dogs exclusively use CRW configured, ZP Lightnings by Performance Designs, the proper headwear, footwear, altimeter mounts and knives/mounts.  



3 Good Ways to Learn CRW:

Normal DZ Weekend

It is perfectly fine to learn from local people who have experience in the discipline and the correct gear.  There are many great CRW dogs around the country that will happily work with you in an informal setting to safely introduce you to CRW.  Not everyone with a "CRW canopy" is a good coach.  Please visit our Find a Coach section to see some Raw Dogs suggested coaches in your area.  There are plenty of people that might not be on our list that are totally capable as well.  If you have any questions, please ask, don't assume.

CRW Boogies

CRW Boogies are a great place to further your skills, and possibly even to get started with CRW. Some people do bring extra gear and are ready to take "walk in" students. However, at larger gatherings, CRW dogs are generally focused on larger or more complex CRW formations. There is always a chance to get coaching, but for most of us, this is one of the few times per year we set aside to play. Visit our Upcoming Events section to view the boogie schedule. If you plan to attend, the best thing to do is to reach out to us early and we will work with you to get you lined up with gear and coaching.

Dedicated Camps

This is by far the best way to learn CRW. We offer our Full Contact Canopy courses at different locations througout the year.  There are other camps put on around the country as well.  Visit our Crw Camp section for more info.  This is a concentrated dose of CRW where we provide you with the information, gear and instruction to safely take you to your 4 stack and beyond in one weekend.  Make sure to reach out if there are any questions that aren't answered on this site.  

Find a CRW coach
Find a CRW boogie
Find a full CRW Camp or full contact canopy course

Continue Education

Nobody is good enough to stop learning.  Just because you have been to a camp or boogie doesn't mean you shouldn't do another.  Our camps are tailored to the individual and boogies are a great place to work on any specific skill.

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