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Performance Designs Lightning

We exclusively use CRW configured, all ZP Lightnings by Performance Designs.  The Lightning is not just a regular canopy with C.R.W. lines, it is a specific canopy for a specific job...canopy relative work. CRW requirements are unique. The Lightning is designed and built to satisfy those requirements. From pilot chute and bridle retraction system, to heavy duty reinforcement, special trims to tail pockets.  You can follow the links below to learn more about the Lightning, design and order one.  We are happy to assist you through the ordering process but we are not dealers.  You can choose a dealer from the Performance Designs website or we can put you in touch with our dealer. We choose all of the standard options on the Comp Lightning order form. 


You also have the option to rent a Lightning from us.  Quantities are limited and any camps we are running take priority but feel free to follow the links and request to try one of ours.


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