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There are a lot of options out there for risers.  CRW risers can start from just about any riser available but you'll want to consider some of these recommendations.  First, make sure you don't get them too long.  We recommend 18"-22" risers, depending on how long your arms are, so you can reach your blocks or loops on the front risers.  Blocks are just bulk attached to the front riser, near the link, wrapped in vet wrap, which is easy to grab, quickly. Some people prefer pop out loops.  Also, we prefer and recommend velcro for toggle mounting.  Velcro can be easily added to any risers and most risers can be ordered that way. Lastly, make sure you have hard housings where the cut away cable goes into the riser. Without them, you could find yourself unable to cut away in the event of line twists.  The best option is the risers with the hard housings integrated into the grommet.

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