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Full Contact Canopy Course

A lot of figurative blood, sweat and tears has gone into the Raw Dogs Full Contact Canopy Course. This is a dedicated camp designed to take you from zero, or dated CRW experience, to your 4 stack and beyond in one weekend.  Through a mixture of presentations and interactive demonstrations, our Thursday night briefing ensures that you will have a solid understanding of the gear, the dive flow and everything else you need to safely make your first CRW jump.  Then, we spend the next three days carefully increasing the difficulty of the jumps based on your performance.  We will start with 1 on 1 coach jumps.  As soon as you are demonstrating safety and the other skills necessary, we will move you into small group dives.  We continue to throw appropriate challenges your way throughout the remainder of the camp.  We provide gear, instruction, organizing, detailed briefings and video debriefs.  We are committed to giving you the most CRW you can comfortably handle during our Full Contact Canopy Course.  We put these courses on at different drop zones in different areas throughout the year.  We will be providing PD Lightnings for our camps.  Full Contact Canopy Courses are 100% commitment events so please don't try to squeeze in work or other jumps during it.

Prepare For a Camp 

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