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There are lots of options for toggles as well.  The key is to get something that pops so you can easily locate them without looking.  Again, get something with velcro so when you are using your hands to take a dock, you can simply stick the toggles back to the risers.  The nub on the toggles creates a small snag hazard.  Snagging a toggle isn't incredibly common but it is almost a certain cut away if it happens so we recommend you mitegate as much risk as possible.  Most CRW toggles are made by CRW dogs and not gear manufacturers.  We have developed and are producing our own toggles that mount to the bottom of the toggle to eliminate that snag risk. They are special because they still mount to the risers like normal toggles but when you release them, they just flip upside down.  We can make you some or put you in touch with someone else who can make toggles.  Contact us for more info.

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